Friday, April 3, 2009

Shoes Are Shoes...Except When They're Totally Awesome

Stella has a complicated relationship with shoes. It's well documented. I have a love of shoes. I have pretty, narrow feet that look good in shoes of all stripes, and that I get pedicured before I travel. On the off chance that I'm killed in a plane crash I want them to find my remains and take extra care because they'll know I'm a well-kept and respectable person. But sometimes I find that my feet and shoes are not getting along well.

Lately I've been wearing some pretty fierce shoes, despite the fact that I only sit in my office and trip daintily back and forth between my desk, kitchen, and bathroom. And despite the fact that I frequently tout the slipper-wearing lifestyle that I'm privileged to pursue.

Part of it is that I'm a very short woman and wearing heels keeps my pants from dragging on the ground. I'm also experimenting with the uncomfortable shoe theory of productivity (wherein if one cannot walk easily around the house, perhaps one might best stay seated and working at the computron). But now I read that sky-high heels are a secret source of power. And that people (just like me!) are wearing them during conference calls to make them feel powerful and edgy. Actually, I did that yesterday and it kind of worked.

Maybe it will work for you. But this begs the question: is there a male equivalent of the five inch heel? What could a male shut-in wear around the house to bring himself sartorial pleasure and power? A tie? Hmmm. That doesn't seem right.

Ideas, dear readers?

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