Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad Hair City? Really?

Stella likes many many things about living at 5,000 feet. I love the fact that the clouds one sees are frequently peeking up from below the horizon because we're up so dang high. I love the fact that the arid climate means that sweat functions as it is supposed to: you sweat and it evaporates, thus cooling you. I come home from a run dusted in salt -- it's like being a piece of trout on the grill. Lovely.

And I find that the climate means that my hair is smooth and pleasant most days because there is absolutely no humidity. Why is this relevant to StellaCommute readers? Because I get up really early and I don't do anything to my hair, so the fact that it can look reasonably okey-dokey without much effort is non-trivial. But come to find out, we're the 12th worst hair city in the country. I'm questioning their methods.

I'm just saying.

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