Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Makes for Exciting Driving

But not as exciting as zombies. Whoever did this in Austin: You Are A Genius.

Meanwhile, Stella just had to drive around her second city in a 7-10" snowstorm which, on my home turf, would shut the city down. Here? Not so much.

If they shut down Rochester everytime it snowed, no one would get anything done. So you just brush off your car and go slow. It's actually not that big a deal.

Zombies would be much worse. Really.


Anonymous said...

Caution, Zombies Ahead? More like, "Ye-Haaaa, baby, Zombies Ahead!! Ma get me my machete and my Zombie Googles, cuz it's time to kick some walking dead butt." did we get so many Zombies? Eating this:


Stella Commute said...

That bacon thing is so wrong. So very wrong. I don't think it will turn us to zombies, though. When I saw this news item I thought to myself, "You know, I would take a zombie notice a lot more to heart than, 'Lane ends - merge left', frankly." But perhaps I'm not a good driver.