Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not The Usual Roster, No Victory

Well, two of our team members were knocked out of commission last night. Apparently the pregnant one was "sick" and her baby-daddy (e.g. her devoted husband) had to take her home. I'm thinking Dead Kennedys on Rock Band was beckoning in a more appealing way than taking a test in a bar, but I'll accept her explanation. So a second place finish was all we could do. And they called us "Gin & Phonies" all night, totally missing the pun of Gin & Phonics. Ha ha.

We all agree that Margret is the decisive brains of the operation. We did well enough, but I have a feeling that Margret would have overridden my brother in law's guess on our sudden death round question and would have instead gone with my answer. My correct answer. That I wrote down, and scribbled out in deference to my BIL's wrong answer.

I'm not bitter. Really.

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