Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Am A Morning Person

But I will admit that the time my mornings begin (circa 5:20 am) can become a bit of a drag. Particularly if I'm not well-rested because I'm soldiering through my last two days of wearing a stinking (actually smelly! how fun!) cast on my left hand. It's like sleeping in one clog.

That's why I read this item from Jezebel with interest. Morning routines are fun for the shut-ins because we don't have the same requirements to be out of the house in time to catch our bus, train, or traffic jam. That said, it can be a strain.

Stella's morning routine is as follows:

5:20: Alarm goes off
5:22 Stagger to the bathroom and glare at reflection for a few moments noting how impossibly tired and haggard I look
5:25 Shower
5:35 Moisture, makeup (did you not read the part where I said I look haggard? I meet with people on the webcam all the time, and I don't want to frighten them)
5:45 Clothes, slippers, and...what's that I hear? The robotic coffee maker is firing up!
5:50 I walk out to my office and fire up the computer because it takes it 10 minutes to start itself anymore. I don't know why -- I think it has something to do with my network because it didn't do it when I was on site.
5:51 Back in the house to tap impatiently at the coffee tank meter and wait for there to be enough for me to put into a cup and drink
6:00 Finally logging in and starting the day

It's a lot of staggering around and shower taking. Sometimes I wonder if it would be more beneficial to skip the morning shower and sleep a little longer. I could then shower at lunch. Hmmm...

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