Friday, June 13, 2008

An Important Note for College Planned Giving Fundraisers

For pity's sake, please do not start sending planned giving brochures to people who are turning 40. Look, I am in the business, and I know what you ghouls are thinking: she's getting older. But I am so NOT READY for information about making my bequest intentions known (and making sure they benefit my college). I'm already dealing with mixed feelings about turning into an old bag -- should I continue to dye my hair? am I too old to wear shirts from Threadless? is that my ass? -- I don't need you, Planned Giving Advisors, advising me that I've got one foot in the grave. Thank you very much.

I am still working hard, I am still saving diligently for retirement and hoping that my children will be able to partake of the New Mexico Lottery scholarship when they get to college (and/or earn ginormous merit-based scholarships, and/or consider attending the fine institution of higher education where I work). My will has to deal with who will steward my children through their formative years should I be killed in an unfortunate encounter with an industrial mixer.

Could you give me another 25 years, please? Trust me, I know how it works. I love my college, and I am really and truly grateful for the ways in which it transformed my life. But seriously, ask me about a CRUT again, and you're out of the will.

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