Thursday, June 19, 2008

I haven't been harping on the eco-grooviness

Telecommuting saves gas. I know, it's so totally obvious. I can hardly bring myself to write about it, but lately telecommuting's benefits for gas-strapped employees has been all over the news. But wait, wasn't it only a few months ago I was writing about companies calling their telecommuters back in droves out of some misguided managementitis?

Now everyone is all hot for helping their employees by letting them telecommute rather than burn through yet another tank of $5 a gallon gas. Well well well. Isn't that nice. If you're really faced with the prospect of losing valuable employees in droves because they can't afford to drive to headquarters five days a week, you'll let them telecommute.

The more enlightened employers out there have skipped the crazy mood swings on telecommuting, and have been reaping the substantial benefits of a well-run telecommuting program for years. Witness Sun, who released a report on the economic and ecological impacts of their telecommuting program.

Well, that really is special.

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