Thursday, October 1, 2009

Complaining About Local Traffic For Once

Usually your gentle correspondent is talking about how she never drives anywhere and the traffic here in the Land of Enchantment to put this nicely...A Joke. I mean really. I've driven around the DC Beltway in a snowstorm. I know what traffic is, and this isn't it.

Except at this time of year: Balloon Fiesta. I know what you're thinking: We have balloon glows all the time, people need to relax. But it's 300+ hot air balloons going up in about an hour and a half. It's truly spectacular, and people come from everywhere to see it.

Unfortunately there isn't much way to get to the launchpad without driving there. At four in the morning. Seriously, only in New Mexico could you have the major event of the year be a thing that is over by 9 am. This place can be a mystery to me. And the traffic is god awful for Balloon Fiesta. Between people sleepily driving to the field to see the launch to the people randomly driving off the road because forty hot air balloons sail ten feet over the roof of their cars, it's a mess.

Good thing the city has a plan. My plan: stay home even more relentlessly than I normally do. Hey, employers who are anywhere near Balloon Fiesta Park: let your folks work from home, too.

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