Monday, May 4, 2009

Feeling More Philosophical About Swine Flu

Now that Stella is out of the airports and away from places that had suspected cases of H1N1 flu (is this a virus I can get from R2D2's firmware or something? Jeeze.) she is feeling a bit more sanguine about the whole pandemic thing. I'm safe in my little home office again, and as long as no one chases me in here and sneezes on my slippers, I should be okay.

But what about the rest of my Real Office colleagues? They're still coming into close contact with each other. What if there really is a real outbreak of something that is dangerous and needs containment? Well I'm here to tell them that everyone with a laptop and the VPN installed can pretty much do whatever they need to do from wherever they may be quarantined. Even if they don't know it yet, it really can work.

PC World notes that telecommuting can be a good way to avoid getting sick. And generally speaking this is definitely true. So keep it in mind if things get sneezier out there. Mkay?

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