Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Climate Control for the Home Office

It's getting to be the summertime in most places. I understand from speaking with my colleagues in the Real Office that there was frost in their neck of the woods a couple of nights ago, but here in Stella-Land it's pretty glorious. And that means one thing:

My office is hot.

I know, how can I possibly complain about six windows and a skylight. And glorious sunshine every day. But really, it gets warm as soon as the angle of the sun reaches a certain point in the sky. And I worry about the health and well-being of my laptop, of my conferencing box, of my printer, everything. I don't want to cook their little computer brains, you know?

So I cool my office independently from the rest of the house. I have a unit in there that does a good job, and I also aim a small fan at the computers themselves to help them circulate air. What do you do to keep things cool when you're working in non-office settings?


Carol Anne said...

My office is on the 2nd floor or a poorly insulated bungalow. It gets ungodly hot up there, even when we have the central air turned out. There's a window AC unit in the bedroom (also on the second floor) that we use to keep things cool up there -- and keep the humidity down. Humidity is just as big a threat to equipment as heat.

Luke Peters said...

The use of portable air conditioners not only allows you to adjust the room temperature, but also removes moisture from the air. Window air conditioners are not as effective for this, although they are still draining the air.