Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where I Work

Yes, kids, this is where the magic happens. I work in this lovely space day in and day out, and frankly it's pretty dang nice. Key features you may notice:

1. Exercise ball chair -- hands down the cheapest and most ergonomic choice for me.

2. All in one fax-printer-scanner -- I don't print much, but it's dead useful to scan signed documents and stuff in and send them places. Oh, and scan my high school yearbook for Facebook purposes.

3. Wireless headset -- whether I'm listening to music, talking on Skype, or wandering around the house, I think being able to hear what's happening on my computer is kind of important. Okay, it's plugged in in this picture, but it's just recharging. It'll be wirelessly perched on my head shortly.

4. Wireless keyboard and mouse -- I can't be using the keyboard and touchpad on my laptop all the time. I can barely stand to use it when I'm on-site, so a comfortable interface is key.

5. Plant -- I think it may put oxygen into the air. Could that account for my extreme productivity? Possibly!

6. Giant Glass of Water -- hydration is very important at altitude, and it also makes me stand up and walk to the bathroom at least once an hour.

7. Winged Dia de los Muertos Skeleton -- A trenchant reminder of my own mortality. Must work harder...faster...smarter...and then go to the gym.

I try to keep it tidy so I don't get distracted by cleaning it and so I can find the things I need to keep working. All my input devices (headset, keyboard, mouse) are Logitech products at this point. And the exercise ball is whatever was the cheapest at Target.

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