Friday, December 19, 2008

'Tis the Season

Stella's got parties on the brain, and it's really no surprise. Every day there is some announcement about this unit or that being out of the office for the afternoon "teambuilding" -- I'm thinking bowling and karaoke, myself, but maybe they're using bataka encounter bats and competing in American Gladiator-style feats of strength.

In any event, tomorrow is the big division wide party and it kicks off mid-afternoon. I am going to take some time off, as though I were attending the party myself. But I've been wondering what I should do with the time and I came up with a number of good candidates:

- A quick bus up at the spa: if a mani-pedi is your thing, why not take yourself out for a little off-hours treat?

- Last minute holiday shopping: Or if you're like me, first-minute holiday shopping. I kind of need to get my act together on this one.

- More gym time: Going to the gym is one of the few outings I get on a regular basis, so I could go extra early and wail on my pecs. Actually that doesn't sound like much fun.

- Do something good: You could volunteer somewhere, visit an actual shut-in neighbor, or do what I'm doing: give blood. The need is critical (they tell me -- that isn't just a come-on to get me to give blood is it?) and it doesn't take that long.

I'll feel less guilty about skipping out early and I'll be woozy without having had a glass of bulk wine. Win-win!

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