Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Idiosyncratic Observations About Headsets

A ponytail, when properly placed, can provide an excellent resting spot for the behind the head style headset, relieving pressure on the tops of your ears. Also, spectacles and eyeglasses almost always interfere with a good headset fit, and are generally a pain.

Does anyone out there have a headset recommendation for the four-eyes set?


Anonymous said...

My #1 choice is this one:

It's extremely expensive but well worth every penny in my opinion. Even though it looks bulky, it's very lightweight and comfortable even after hours of those back-to-back calls we all have. An uncomfortable headset is not only miserable to use but also does not help maintain an ergonomic work space.

It has good sound transmission and excellent range in case you need to leave your desk area. With a mute button on the headset itself, you can continue to listen and participate in the conversation if it's necessary to step away.

This one is bundled with the lifter device so that you can answer and end calls from the headset. There is a slightly cheaper model without the lifter.

If mine died today and my manager wouldn't buy me another one, I'd pay for it myself. It's that good.

Stella Commute said...

Oh, that does look comfortable. I find even the lightest headset + glasses = pinched pinnia, but I'm probably over-sensitive. I need to tell my ears to toughen up, I guess!