Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of the Best Things About Telecommuting

It's a sad thing I know: when I drive in the car I listen to pop music on the radio. I've got CDs and stuff, but I like the empty sweetness of pop music. Lately, the station I listen to has been playing this Jason Mraz song that includes the line "Open up your plans and damn you're free."

This has been stuck in my head. Mercifully not the song. Just the lyric.

Because it gets me to thinking about one of the things I most enjoy about being a shut-in: for whatever reason, people don't meet with me as much when I'm in my home office as when I'm on site. And this means my schedule is largely free. Don't get me wrong, I have meetings and such. But my time is much more my own in large chunks. And it means I can really get things done.

Just like Jason Mraz.

But dig it, this isn't just a luxury for the shut-ins. I've been advocating for people in the Real Office to block off more meeting-free time and I think it would help everyone execute with more ease, more focus, and just make the days more pleasant.

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