Monday, March 2, 2009

Culture Change Begins With You

I like a lot of things about this little story from Work Happy Now. What is that you like, Stella?

- I like the fact that a person just decided they were going to do something other than the usual way of doing things.

- I like the fact that they did it without any real hope or expectation of being recognized or rewarded for altering their own behavior.

- I like how they assumed the other guy would probably appreciate the effort, at the very least.

- I like that it was done without convening a committee of twenty and meeting for three months.

- I like that it worked to change the atmosphere of the workplace, and did so pretty darn quickly.

And here is the telecommuting tie-in: what could you do today that would enable a person to not have to drive 15 minutes and spend an additional five minutes parking, walking, and then walking, de-parking and driving another 15 minutes back to the office, just to attend a meeting that could last only 30 minutes, but that everyone stretches to 65 minutes, just to justify the hassle of getting everyone together?

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