Monday, March 10, 2008

Go UC Santa Cruz

Home of the Telecommuting Banana Slugs! Well, actually I don't know if the banana slugs telecommute, too, but they are taking some active steps to encourage more staff members to take advantage of their telecommuting programs.

I love how easy they make it sound: "...a computer with a high-speed connection and the appropriate software, a phone, any relevant files or paperwork, and a formal telecommuting agreement are all that's needed to work from home."

So simple, anyone can do it! Even Assistant Chancellors (and that's a pretty important job at a place like UCSC)!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you have to have a commute that is as horrific as the one to UC Santa Cruz to make telecommuting acceptable to management? There is a single, narrow, winding road that goes through the Santa Cruz Mts & is pretty much the only way to get there from Silicon Valley. One accident & it's all over. When I lived in the area 10 years ago some public-spirited citizens had a web cam set up on one of the most notorious accident spots so people could log in from work & see if it was worth going home or not. A real case for telecommuting! -A

Stella Commute said...

Thanks for reading "A" -- I know what you mean...those one way in and out commutes are really awful. The bottom line is that it is silly for people to sit in their cars for 45 minutes to drive to an office and get on a computer to do things on a network. Seriously silly.