Sunday, January 6, 2008

Robots: Take Two

I've now managed to get both robots working on my behalf and they are really great. The coffee robot sits there, makes coffee, no big whup, but the Roomba? May I just say it's about the cutest thing ever? There, I said it.

It bustles around busily, it goes under the couch, it cleans under the table and then it takes itself back to its docking station to await my next command. There is something really charming about how it bumps into things, explores them a little bit, then vacuums around them. I haven't quite got all my power supply issues worked out, and the scheduler relies on it sitting on the charger waiting to go, but overall, I'm extremely pleased.

One concern: as a youth, I spent hours on the couch spent watching Battlebots, and I can't help but wonder if it mightn't sprout a large circular saw blade at some point. I'm putting these thoughts out of my mind, however.

This is a benign robot.

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