Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Think I'm Coming Down With Something*

Here's a pleasant thought: in case of pandemic flu, who will be pushing the buttons to invest my retirement money? Yes, it's probably the last thing we'll be worrying about at the moment, but security of the financial sector should 50% of the employees get sick is something that in the long run will really have an impact. This article from ComputerWeek reports on a recent paper business continuity exercise that was conducted by the U.S. Treasury.

While overall, the financial industry felt pretty able to cope, there is concern that the existing internets would not be able to handle it if suddenly a few extra million people were sitting in their slippers telecommuting.

Bummer. But, as usual, solvable. Goooooo infrastructure! Fibre to my house! Go!

* Boogie Fever, I'm afraid. I think it's goin' round.

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