Friday, November 30, 2007

Another post about posting

With this post, November now becomes the most blogged month since the 12 post May. I know I've been remiss, and it's in large part because I'm not telecommuting any more, and I'm more of an office drone than ever.

But here's my resolution as I enter month four of my Real Office lifestyle: I'm going to work in the next two weeks to set up appointments that will take me out of the office at least two days of the week as a rule.

Why is this relevant to the StellaCommute conundrum?

Because if I'm not in the office I'll be getting busy in my car, in my house, and other locations around the great state of New Mexico. And by "busy" I mean getting the other stuff done that I need to get done.

And that will help me refocus on the Stella themes of telecommuting, mobile working, and the whatnot and all.

See? This is much better than a metablog post about blogging.

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