Friday, September 4, 2009

In the Office, But More Uprooted

Stella is getting ready to go on-site in the Real Office next week, and as usual it's a mixed bag. Of course, seeing people in person, having meetings that reassure instead of having technical problems that make people wonder if I'm making static noises with my mouth so I can get out of conference calls, and wearing shoes are always fun.

But the downside to being on-site is camping out in a conference room and running madly from meeting to meeting.

It just feels inefficient and frazzling. But hey, that's the work people. I'm trying something new this time, though. Instead of thinking of it as "camping out", I'm going to consider myself "location independent." And while my windowless conference room isn't exactly a cafe on a Greek isle, but if I close my eyes...

No. That doesn't work, but thinking of my self as independent rather than rootless may help.

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