Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People Are Still Getting Flu

Now that the CNN-fueled panic has settled down about the H1N1 flu (no more Sanjay Gupta in a mask in Mexico City) you should know: people are getting the H1N1 flu all the time. They're being forced to stay home for seven to ten days, and unless you have some way for them to continue working through what is, for most, a mild disease, you're losing out.

What? You still don't have a business continuity plan for pandemic flu?

You're joking, right? No?

Good lord, get a VPN right now! Stop reading this and go, set it up and get it ready. Fall is coming, and this thing might could get worse when we get into real flu season. Come on people, don't make Sanjay Gupta come to your office with his little mask on.

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Carol Anne said...

I've been beta testing and using a VPN since last year. When it works, I love it. We've had some issues where it suddenly stops working. But now I know who to bug to get it going again. I'm looking forward to using it more this summer into the fall. Working on my deck with the birds and the dogs is very relaxing AND productive!