Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Telecommuting Pros and Cons

As I ready myself mentally for the potential of a return to a Real Office setting, I find myself thinking about the benefits and burdens of telecommuting. To wit:

Pro: Working a time-zone shift and completing my workday at three in the afternoon.

Con: Getting up at five in the morning to accommodate this schedule.

Pro: Reduced need to look more than merely presentable on a day to day basis.

Con: Descent into disarray.

Pro: Getting to concentrate for long periods of time on tasks.

Con: Sitting by myself in my house for hours on end.

Pro: Limited interruptions from coworkers.

Con: Limited interruptions from coworkers.

Pro: Feeling like a privileged member of some new environmentally-conscious-technologically-hip-super-group.

Con: Being treated like a marginal figure in my traditionally-organized-and-firmly-rooted-in-the-physical-concept-of-place institution.

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